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Colorado Unit Study

Hi homeschoolers! Today I am sharing a fun unit study I created on the state of Colorado. Most states encourage (some even require) you to do a unit study on your home state sometime during a student’s fourth grade year of studies. Since we live in “Colorful Colorado”, we’ll be doing our unit this year with Turbo and Strawberry Shortcake.…

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Homeschooling in Colorado

Good morning! Are you homeschooling in the state of Colorado? Not sure what the laws are, or how to get started? For all of you fellow Colorado homeschoolers out there I have created an eBook on homeschooling in the state of Colorado that I wanted to share. I know that homeschooling in general can be a very daunting task. All…

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Road Trip USA: Colorado

Colorado is in the heart of the Rocky Mountain range. It is nicknamed “The Centennial State” because it entered the union in 1876, just 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It has over 50 mountain peaks over 14,000 feet in elevation. The average elevation of Colorado is 6,800 feet above sea level making it the highest…

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