A Day in the Life of a Kindergartener


Happy new year everyone! School is officially back in session and we’re all rip-roaring ready to go! Well, kind of. Mostly we’re still mentally on vacation. But… We have to start sometime or we’ll be doing school over the summer, and no one wants that! So I thought I’d take time today to do a Teeny Tot Tuesday post. It’s been a little while since we’ve check in with our favorite kindergartener, so let’s take a peek into her day and see what she’s been up to! The not so teeny tot has been doing well in her Math U See Primer curriculum. She’s learning to use the blocks and has most of them memorized now. She’s well into basic addition and getting used to the concept of adding numbers together.   I’ve also mixed in some of my K4 Kindergarten work for her this year, so here she’s working on one of my A-Z handwriting worksheets.   She actually went through all of my K4 Letter Hunt worksheets last year, but she loved them and requested to add them in again this year. … [Read more...]


K4 Kindergarten Activities Update


Hi all! Looking for some kindergarten worksheets and activities for your 4-5 year old? Look no further! The Teeny Tot is well into our K4 Kindergarten curriculum and I wanted to share some of her day with you all!   Right now she does a mix of activities to work on a variety of skills each day. Everything you’ll see in this post comes with my K4 Kindergarten curriculum unless otherwise indicated. I also have a bunch of freebies on my Kindergarten Worksheets page too!   Beginning Sounds: In this activity she is working on her beginning sounds and lowercase letters. The curriculum comes with both upper and lowercase worksheets for her to practice. She says the sound that the letter on each line makes, then circles the pictures that also begin with that same letter sound.   Shapes: She’s also building a shapes booklet where she displays all of her shapes and traces over the written version of each shape as well. Sometimes she decorates them with … [Read more...]


K4 Kindergarten Activities


Good morning everyone! I thought I’d share some more of what the Teeny Tot (yes, we’re looking for a new name for her) has been doing this week! She’s finally in my K4 Kindergarten Curriculum now and doing well. Here’s a little glimpse into what she’s working on these days. Missing Numbers: This kindergarten math worksheet is a great way to help with number recognition, counting skills, and number order. The worksheet comes with missing numbers  and number tiles. She’s cut the number tiles and glued them to the appropriate apple to complete the numerical sequence.   Uppercase Beginning Sounds: Here she’s working with beginning sounds. So we sound out the letter to the left of each column. Then we say the name of each of the items in that row. She then circles the one that begins with the same sound as the letter shown. This might take your student a little bit of time to get, but just stick with it and help them sound out each one putting emphasis on the beginning … [Read more...]


Kindergarten Activities


Good morning! I thought I’d do another update on the Teeny Tot for you all today. She’s reviewing some of her favorite Letter of the Week activities, and we’re slowly adding in more of the K4 Kindergarten activities to her day as well.   This week she mostly worked on the Letter E games. Here she is with her completed elephant lacing card. I’ve had a lot of questions about laminating and printing on cardstock. And unless you’re going to re-use your materials with future children, there’s not much need to laminate and print everything on cardstock. But for the lacing card, it is important that it’s somewhat durable. So if you’re not reusing materials, I would say at least laminate this card if nothing else.   She knows her colors quite well, but still enjoys doing these color matching puzzles.     These are the elephant counting cards. She put them in numerical order, then counted out the correct amount of beads to go on each card. You … [Read more...]


Kindergarten Number Order Puzzles


Welcome! I have another fun Kindergarten Printable for you today.  I had a request to take my Number Order Puzzles and kick them up a notch, so I did! Introducing the new and improved Kindergarten Number Order Puzzles!   --> Download the Kindergarten Number Order Puzzles  <-- (Downloading: If you have troubles downloading, RIGHT click on the download link and select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will then be prompted to save the file to your computer.) What’s included in the download? These puzzles practice number order, counting, and recognition skills for numbers 1-100. I also added in puzzles to help work on skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. The puzzles include counting 2-50, 5-50, and 10-200. How do you use these fun puzzles? I suggest printing them on cardstock, then laminating for durability. Next cut out each number strip vertically along the lines to separate the numbers strips. Next mix up the number strips and have your student practice putting the … [Read more...]


Kindergarten Sight Word Search


Whoohoo! I have some more fun kindergarten sight word activities for you all today! I wanted some more sight word practice for Tinker Bell and so I created some fun Sight Word Search worksheets to help her out. These correlate directly with my K4 Kindergarten Curriculum**, and have been included in the lessons as well! --> Download the Sight Word Search Worksheets <-- (Downloading: If you have troubles downloading, RIGHT click on the download link and select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will then be prompted to save the file to your computer.)   What’s Included? There are 45 sight word search worksheets for words: a, am, and, are, at, ate, be, big, but, can, do, eat, for, get, go, had, he, his, I , in, is, it, me, new, not, of, on, our, out, saw, say, see, she, so, sun, the, to, too, two, up, was, we, who, yes, you.     How do you use the Sight Word Search worksheets? There are several ways you can use these sheets. Here are a few ideas to help … [Read more...]


Kindergarten Calendar Worksheets


Good morning to all you kindergarten teachers out there! I have another fun free kindergarten printable worksheet for you today! To help Tinker Bell with her number writing practice, I created some blank printable seasonal calendar worksheets. --> Click here to download the Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Worksheets <-- (Downloading: If you have troubles downloading, RIGHT click on the download link and select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will then be prompted to save the file to your computer.) I only show a few calendars above, but this download includes 17 different calendar choices!  While I am located in the United States, I know I have several international followers as well so I created calendar themes that will fit the needs of everyone no matter your location. (Or at least I tried to anyway! Let me know if you need a different image and I’ll try to accommodate.)   How do you use the Monthly Calendar Printables? Each month I pick a new Calendar based on … [Read more...]


Kindergarten Number Mazes


Hi everyone, I have some new fun kindergarten number recognition and counting worksheets to share with you today! I’ve been working with Tinker Bell on skip counting, as well as higher level counting and I wanted a fun way to do that. So what better thing than some fun number maze worksheets!   --> Download the Kindergarten Number Maze Worksheets <-- What is included? There are 7 different maze sheets included: Skip Counting by 2s: 2-50 Skip Counting by 5s: 5-100 Skip Counting by 10s: 10-200 Counting by 1s: 1-30 Counting by 1s:  30-50 Counting by 1s: 50-80 Counting by 1s: 80-100 There are a lot of different ways to use these sheets, here are a few ideas to help you get started: Use highlighters or markers to color each square Laminate and use dry-erase markers to complete the maze (Mazes can then be re-used) Use with do-a-dot markers Place sheet on a magnetic board and use pom-pom magnets, or colorful button magnets … [Read more...]


Curriculum Combo Pack Discount!


I’ve had several people ask about a receiving a multiple-purchase discount for my curriculum. Since I’ve had quite a bit of interest we’ve finally decided to offer our curriculum in packs with a discount! We’ve come up with 3 different combo packs for you to choose from. Pre-k & Kinder Pack: $27 (10% off regular price) Letter of the Week K4 Kindergarten Curriculum     Geography Pack: $30 (almost 10% off regular price) Expedition Earth Road Trip USA     Jumbo Combo Pack: $57 (almost 10% off regular price) Letter of the Week K4 Kindergarten Curriculum Expedition Earth Road Trip USA     I hope this helps some of you out who were debating on how to fit it all in! And thank you to everyone for helping to bless this site with your support! It truly means the world to us to have your support and encouragement!   Please Note: These are all for personal homeschool use only, if you … [Read more...]


K4 Curriculum: Printables, Lesson Plans, and More!


It’s finally ready! My K4 Curriculum! I've had a huge response to my K4 Curriculum and based on request, I've made it even better! It's now a FULL 34 week K4 Curriculum! What does that mean? While you can still add in Letter of the Week activities if you choose, the K4 Curriculum is now stand alone. It comes with 34 weeks of Lesson Plans, and several added printables not previously available! (As always, if you've already purchased the K4 Curriculum, send me an email at erica {at} confessionsofahomeschooler dot com. Include your paypal email and/or transaction ID and I'd love to send you updated download links!) Is my Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum a little too easy for your preschooler? Are you ready for something a little more challenging? Then the K4 Curriculum is for you! The K4 Curriculum is geared towards kids ages 4-5 who are looking for an extra boost towards being kindergarten ready. $10 ~ Download / $15 ~ CD Version / $20 – Classroom License Download & CD … [Read more...]