Its here! And it IS fun! Now, I know as a christian I am not supposed to be attached to material items, because hey, we all know they’re just gonna burn, but there’s nothin’ wrong with me havin’ fun with it until it does eh!

Minus the hour it took me to get it setup, its been cool to use. I kept getting a Macromedia Projector failure error. Stupid thing. Anyway, after going through some pointless compatibility drill, then un-doing the compatibility deal, going to the website and downloading the updated drivers (why then send out old drivers on brand new equipment is annoying) it finally started to work. So as a word of caution, if you get one, go to and and download the updated drivers BEFORE you plug in your pad. You should then beable to ignore all the tech support threads saying you have to do all these little “Fixes” for your machine. Now, if i could just get a new driver for my “‘” button
thatd- that’d be great!

“Hey look mom, I did it all by myselfes!” Good job buddy…

The balloon even stayed right over the fan, just swirled around hovering above it. Cool experiment, wonder if I can count it for homeschool.

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