Well, this is the final setup for the workboxes. After day 1 I’m sold. It took awhile to load all the boxes last night, but the pay off today was worth it. Trying to keep 3 different curriculums in order in my head would have just been too much, so for now I’m going to stick with the boxes.

The kids loved them too, it was like Christmas morning opening all of their drawers to see what was in them. They also worked like champs, not even taking the break cards I put in because they were so excited!
I tried to mix in fun stuff and work stuff for everyone as much as possible, and in the middle box i put a little sack of mini oreos just for a treat.
This activity was a winner with everyone including the 6yr old. Sorting cotton balls big/small and using kids chopsticks to put them in the little icecube trays. My tot did this 3 times at least, and after she was done with school my 2nd grader did it as well just for fun!
The rest of the room, games etc and our calendar which i forgot to setup last night! LOL! Oh well, can’t think of everything right!
All in all I’d call today a success, we loaded boxes for tomorrow after school was done today, so at least I won’t be up doing it until 11pm like last night. Now off to do laundry and dinner…sigh.

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