Day 2 of school. Below is my tot doing a matching poster on planets. I got the idea from Sue Patrick’s Workbox System. But basically you buy 2 of the same poster and laminate one and cut it into peices to be velcro’d onto the original. The kids like them, even the tot liked the planets one though I have some more geared towards her like colors/numbers etc.

Keeping the baby from eatting our school stuff:

Workboxes day 2, going smoothly, the kids seem to like the boxes, they look through them getting excited about what’s to come. The only issue I’ve had so far is with my 3 year old, she doesn’t like to do her boxes in order, and sometimes doesn’t like what’s in her boxes. I’m trying to be lenient with her, but not too much as I don’t want her to learn that she can do whatever she wants, but has to follow rules while “in school”.

A letter matching game for the 3 year old that my 5 year old wanted to do too. I got the template from here, but didn’t have time to drink 26 gallons of milk, so I used wooden disks from Micheals and attached the letters using my Xyron Sticker maker. Just don’t laminate first, b/c the sticker maker stuff won’t stick!

On a side note, we had our follow up doctor appt for the little dude’s near drowning incident on Tuesday and he sounded great, the doctor said his lungs were awesome and all’s well…praise God!

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