Some more ideas for boxes, my 3 year old tomorrow:

Clownfish (nemo) lapbook, I put the book together, she pasted and glued where needed!

Stained glass window craft

numbers puzzle, she loves this!

Counting q-tips, 1-10

Poster Center: Color matching

Another color idea: popsicle sticks velcro to match color sheet

Letter ‘A’, color ‘A’ pictures and paste to the letter A, could also use something like ‘apple seeds’ to paste on the letter.

Lacing practice

Alphabet puzzle, she loves this too!

Counting beans, using spoon to put correct amount of beans into bowls. I got these from Bed Bath and Beyond for .29 cents each! Also found these at target, not sure but I’ll probably use them for sorting, they were just too cute not to buy! :o)

Also, not pictured, but LOVED by all kids, was the pom-pom sorting game, I posted a picture in this post, everyone has ‘requested’ this game, but using kids chopsticks from PF Chang’s and cute ice cube trays from Bed Bath and Beyond, and a package of pom-poms from Michael’s they sort them into big/small, or colors using the chopsticks. For some reason they ALL love this even my 2nd grader…go figure…

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