Read aloud time…he picks a book and I pick a book. I usually put a little sack of crackers, or sometimes fun stuff like cookies in here so he can snack while we read. I also make sure to have the others doing an independant box so we can have one on one reading time…minus the baby climbing on us ;o)

Shark Lapbook, he loves doing this. Lots of free lapbooks here, also tons of workbox ideas etc, just search lapbooks or workboxables.

Draw Write now, I put a sticky on the page i want him to draw with a blank paper and pencil. Oops, looks like I forgot the pencil! LOL!

Ocean puzzle, was supposed to be in the box, but he saw me taking pictures and just “had” to do it now!

Tangrams, he picks them and I put in enough of the pieces to make it work.

Math Worksheet, blocks, pencil

Another math worksheet and pencil/crayons, I’m mean and make them do 2!


  1. It was great to see your workboxes. We are using them this year as well. My daughter is also starting kindergarten. Thanks for the ideas!Do your kids like Draw Write Now? I've been thinking about purchasing a book for my daughter, but I wasn't sure if I should or not.

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