More from my workboxes day 2. As you can see, I only have 10 boxes, and for the older grades I agree with Sue Patrick, you should probably have 12 boxes, but I’ve found I can double up work into 1 box, then use the extra box for a ‘fun’ item and she doesn’t seem to mind!

Math U See, blocks and pencil

Spelling book, page is tabbed with a sticky and pencil, I also put a ‘work with mom’ sticker on this box.

Pattern blocks just for fun, she likes these and I find if i put some fun stuff inbetween the ‘work’ stuff goes much better, even if I have to double up work in 1 box just to get a ‘fun’ box!

Geography: World Map today, to be colored and labeled

Spanish class…I also made my own matching ‘games’ for colors, numbers etc, just print and laminate!

Reading time, she picks a book and I pick one.
Art page and Draw Write Now: horses, I put in paper, pencil and a sticky note for the page I want her to do.
Copy Work…
Fun time: Stained Glass Window craft, I’ll probably regret this one…
Dolphin lapbook! So much fun, like I said in previous posts tons of free lapbooks from here. Lots of other info there too, just search for it! Also try searching their site for ‘workboxables’ tons of ideas even if you don’t do workboxes!


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