Welcome to our Letter E for Elephant week! Here are some of our activities:


Of course we are making our lowercase alphabet binder sheets this year. e for elephant, okay a goofy elephant, but still…it works!

Followed by our Letter E K4 writing practice:


We did our large floor number hopscotch game:

We sorted capital E and lowercase e:


Letter E scavenger hunt. My 7 yr old loves this one and usually helps find items to place in the box. (Yes that’s a real egg, she’s very resourceful)


We graphed some elephants. These are little plastic semi-transparent bingo dots that came with our bingo game.


We used our 11 x 11 Pin Geoboard to make the letter E

Ah, the poking activity, this is a favorite, here she’s using cute Oversized Push Pins to poke holes along the letters.


She did an elephant cut and paste activity:


Did an elephant color by number and I’m pleased to say she actually got this concept this year. Last year she didn’t understand how to match the colors to the numbers. She messed up on a couple though, but told me and we made some “adjustments”.


This is really too easy for her right now, but she likes to do them, so who am I to say no?


Again too easy, but the color matching puzzles are fun, so she still does them and tells me the colors as she goes.


Here she is doing the Letter Matching activity. Last year I gave her the exact letters she would need, this year she has to sort through them all to find them. It was a bit frustrating but once I showed her how to separate out the letters as she went all was good again.


Next on her own she decided to trace the letters, and hey, cool with me!


Here is the elephant number cards. She’s putting the correct amount of glass beads on each elephant. I wish they came in more colors as she really prefers to match colors when she does activities like this and she ran out of light blue *gasp*.


Here’s the letter E easy puzzle, I may reprint some of these and cut into more pieces as these are pretty easy now.


Here she is practicing her cutting skills and I’m so happy to see the progress she’s made over the year! She’s doing so well and I really attribute it to these cutting activities!


Here is the elephant pattern activity.


Our lacing card, she loves these, and for some reason so do the older kids. They usually grab it when she’s done and try it for themselves!


And last but not least we made the Letter E with our magnetic alphabet builders:


These are just some of the activities we did this week! If you’d like to see all of the Letter E activities or download any of them:

Click here to get all of our Letter E activities!

Click here to get the entire Letter of the Week curriculum!

More Letter E Fun and Crafts:


  1. Erica, I am new to homeschooling this year and I am SO thankful someone told me about your blog. It has been such a help and a blessing to me and I appreciate all you do. I have gone here every week planning lessons for my 5 year old and have been able to incorporate a lot of your materials into our days! I love how they are so colorful and interesting to my daughter! I was wondering if there is a coloring sheet for letter E like the other letters, or just the color by number sheet? We are making a letter notebook with the coloring pages! Thank you so much!

  2. Do you have downloads for your color by number pages, letter poke pages, and your elephant cut and paste activity? Do you have color by number pages and poke pages for all the letters available somewhere? My 2 yr old and 4 yr old are loving your stuff! Please email me at bckelsch9 at yahoo dot com if you could. Thanks so much!

    Camille from Utah

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