1. We keep going round and round about whether or not to add Math U see to the mix…have you used it since Primer level? At what age did you start Primer? When did you move to Alpha and then, Beta?Everyone I know seems to love it, but they are all using Primer and I have not heard how folks like the other levels…Saw you use Draw Write Now. We use that and love it, along with Handwriting without Tears.Thanks for sharing your boxes…Colleen:)

  2. Sunshine Crew: I've used Primer for K, Alpha for 1st grade, and Beta for 2nd grade. We do like it, I have to say they are "Light" on the money and time concepts, so we just have 1 box and each day i change out the money and have them count it, then I spout out times and they make their clocks say that, so it's covered. They don't cover measurements very well either, but that stuff is easy to add in.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog. I love it. We also LOVE Math U See. We are doing Alpha for Kindergarten this year. My son loves it. I love that I can move at any pace that fits. We bought him a watch when he learned the clock and have him tell us the time all day. He loves it because he is a big kid and I love that I can constantly have him reviewing his clock skills without him knowing we are doing school. Thanks again for sharing your journey with us!

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