So far we love our new magnets from Amazon! I downloaded fun worksheets from here, and then you just break out a cookie sheet and voila! Magnet fun! So of course they’re in her first box for tomorrow, we have the Letter A this week, so watch for more Letter A downloads!

I also grabbed these cute little puzzles from Michaels today for $1 each. Its hard to see, but they’re wooden puzzles, 6 peices each. Easy enough for a toddler to do, we’ll just color and use them for her aphabet bags, you know, F for Frog…

Some Popbead fun, I actually took out a handful and will direct her to try and make a bracelet, I did this because we had an “incident” with the popbeads already, and we’re trying to get through school this year without killing our baby…uhem…

A new one for her, but I think she’ll do great, I got these cool block building cards from The goal is to copy the photo using the blocks. Click here for more fun with Creative Color Cube Activity Cards

Some more cutting skills for her, I got these little books for $2.50 from they’re good for her starter skills, the Kumon book I got for her was too hard and she just got frustrated, so we’ll start here then move to those.

Her much requested and favorite number puzzle, I got it for a couple bucks at Wal-mart, go figure!

Our reading for today, this is currently her favorite book!

Capital A and Lowercase a matching game, I made cute little ants and then cut them in half for the matching peices. You can download it here. Its a color matching too, gotta love the 2 for 1’s!


  1. I was considering buying those magnets but the "super power" part made me worried that they'd be too strong. You said they loved them, you didn't think they were strong? I really want to use those magnet pages from makinglearningfun!

  2. No, they really aren't too strong, actually they are almost perfect, especially for a 3 year old to do. They stick well enough to the cookie sheet that they don't slide around, but are very easy to get off. Also its hard to tell from pics, but they are mushroom shaped, so they have a good handle to grab them off the sheets. Thumbs UP!

  3. Wow! Thanks for all the free downloads and inspiration! I've subscribed to you. We're doing workboxes too (1st grade and preschool) but I'm not able to do detailed photos/blogging about it at this point. A little here and there probably. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Love the ideas! Thanks! Just wondering…have you seen those block building cards anywhere else? They don't have them at Lakeshore Learning anymore and they would be so great for my PreK son. Thanks again! Heather

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