Hi, I finally have my boxes loaded for this week. After looking over the curriculum for the week, it looks like we’re going to have lots of fun projects, so I’m excited to start! We will be doing school tomorrow, even though its a holiday, I’d rather not have to make up a day later and we don’t have anything else going on anyway! We’re going to be making candles, a wigwam, and a tee-pee this week, so I’ll post pics as we go. We’re also learning about the Sun this week and have some fun stuff planned for that as well.

Here’s the line up for tomorrow, First Box, our standard MUS and video. I leave her blocks and greater/less than alligators in the box for her.

Spelling by Sound and Structure.

Phonics and Language worksheets from Abeka

North American Indians reading and the shell for our wigwam. Does anyone else using MFW feel uncomfortable about all of the ‘indian’ stuff they use? I’d think they would be more up to date with terminology I keep telling my kids, please say “Native American”.

Our Celebrate America CD, learning the National Anthem.

Draw Write Now: Butterfly

Reading time, this is a more difficult reader for her, but she’s doing well with it. She reads to Dad everynight before bed and we have a super soft cuddly stuffed cat that she’ll get when she finishes.

Some handwriting practice:

Spanish Color game, you can download it here. I also made a numbers one, you can download it here.

A fun worksheet to practice addition and subtraction. I downloaded it from here.

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