Here’s the lineup for kindergarten this week. He’s also going to be doing all of the history/social study activities with our 2nd grader too.

MUS workbook, video and blocks

Introduce letter Tt, though he already knows this. I also put in a geoboard for him to make some T’s and t’s for me. We’ll also play a game with the letter T and he’ll start his blends tomorrow. He’ll also practice the Tt on the whiteboard before moving onto the worksheet in box 3.

Practice writing the letter T on paper

A fun caterpillar counting game I downloaded from here. He’s learning 11-20 this week and will put them in order on the caterpillar. Though he already knows these numbers, it’ll just be review and putting them in correct order, plus he’s a little shaky on the ‘teens’ number recognition.

Abeka math worksheet, just cuz I like to combine them with MUS. I know… mean!

His favorite box: reading and snack.

Dry erase 1,2,3 writing practice.

Draw Write Now T for Toucan!

Kumon Cutting and pasting, T for Tiger!

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