We are doing the letter I this week. It seems like we just did this, but really it was with my kindergartner. And since my 3 yr old is doing a letter a week and my kindergartner is doing like 2-3 a week, I couldn’t really keep them together. Plus no one really complained when I told them we’d be doing ‘ice cream’ for our creative alphabet food this week! LOL!

Her boxes for the week:
Letter I i lacing cards, you can download them here.

Ice cream number match game, downloaded from here.

Introduce the number 3, whales coloring page. As I posted this blog, I realized that whale doesn’t start with I, so I’m making a number 3 recognition worksheet using ice cream, I’ll have it for you tomorrow! LOL! See people, this is why I blog…keep myself accountable!

Beans Counting Cups, also not starting with the letter I, but then ice cubes didn’t seem like a great idea to leave in a drawer over night…

Kumon Let’s sticker and snack drawer.

Cutting practice, I had to cut the worksheet apart and then I also put in ‘starter cuts’ for her because she said she couldn’t figure out how to get to the dotted line! LOL! Whatever works kid…

Her favorite, Puppy match up

bIg bIrd bottlecap letter match game. I download it from here. I also made up my own sheets after downloading the letter templates from Shannon’s site.

Dry Erase Mazes

Letter I magnetic pom pom worksheet, downloaded from here.

That’s it for the day, I’ll post pics of our wigwams and candle making tomorrow!


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