Ad you know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE All About Spelling products! I’m excited to let you know that they’re having a 2011 New Year Sale! Here is their list of new and sale products:

Spelling Review Box

NEW! Spelling Review Box. Store your All About Spelling flashcards in our new Spelling Review Box! By popular demand, this box is large enough to hold the flashcards from all seven levels of the program. Your cards will fit perfectly, and you won’t have to run out to get multiple index card boxes. Reg $9.95 Sale Price $7.95

Divider Cards

NEW! Divider Cards. There are 12 sturdy laminated divider cards, ready to insert in your index card box or our Spelling Review Box. No more floppy divider cards!
Reg $4.95 Sale Price $2.95

Spelling Tote Bag

NEW! Spelling Tote Bag. Store your All About Spelling books and supplies in this sturdy tote bag. It helps keep you organized! When you are ready to teach, just grab your tote bag and go. Reg $14.95 Sale Price $11.95
The Deluxe Interactive Kit now includes the letter tiles, magnets, Phonogram CD-ROM, Laminated Dividers PLUS the spelling review box, the Spelling Tote bag and Bee Stickers.

The Basic Interactive Kit includes letter tiles, magnets, Phonogram CD-ROM, and one new item: Laminated Dividers.


NEW! Run, Bug, Run! Complete your Level 1 story collection with our newest reader, Run, Bug, Run!. This is Volume 1, and it correlates 100% with Steps 6-13 of All About Spelling Level 1. Reg $19.95 Sale Price $15.95


NEW! The Runt Pig. Complete your Level 1 story collection with our reader, The Runt Pig. This is Volume 2, and it correlates 100% with Steps 14-18 of All About Spelling Level 1. Reg $19.95 Sale Price $15.95.

All About Homophones book

NEW 2011 pricing! All About Homophones is now available at $10.00 off! This book is a great supplement to All About Spelling. Consider adding it when your child starts All About Spelling Level 3. This book is a complete teaching tool kit that helps you demystify homophones and homonyms for students. They’ll learn and master the usage of these sound-alike words through interesting worksheets and games they love to play. New 2011 pricing: $19.95 for the printed book and $17.95 for the e-book.

Click here if you haven’t read my review on All About Spelling!

Happy Shopping!


  1. heart4him: To get started you really need their starter packet (Which is now called the basic interactive kit) plus whatever grade level you'll be teaching. After that you buy the next grade level which comes with everything you need. I don't buy more than one grade level though, even though I may have more than 1 child doing it at the same time, we just share.

    1. Hey Erica!
      I am working on my 2013-2014 school year budget. I will have a K and 3rd grader. My 3rd grader is a very strong reader, not such a great speller. If I got level 1 and worked with both of them together, would that work? Sounds like a great program!
      Thanks so much!!


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