1. When you are teaching phonics, Abeka teaches vowels first, then starts with consonants. Once you introduce a consonant, you explain that you can 'blend' them with the vowels to make words.So these cards are used as flashcards kind of, Abeka starts with the consonant T, so you show them the blend ladder card and sound out the 't' and then the 'a' separately, then closer together, then finally as 'ta' (They start with short vowels first).You do this with each vowel as you go down the ladder. Once you've explained all of the blended sounds for that consonant, I use them as a review each day and make them read down the ladder by themselves.You do this with each consonant as its introduced. Once they have the blends memorized, then you can start adding ending consonants, so Te plus d = Ted, or Ti plus p = Tip, etc…its just a way for them to learn the blends so when they start reading a word, the only new sound they see is the last one, they've already got the beginning blend down pat!Clear as mud? LOL!

  2. Thanks you so much for this resource! I was going to make my own and thought I would google to see if there were already some out there i could print, and there your site was! Thanks for your help!!


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