Sorry for the absence the last couple days, I got a NASTY virus on my computer and am still in the process of rebuilding it! What a pain, especially since we were in the throws of school and I use my computer A LOT!

Here’s what we did today after workboxes were done. I forgot to take pictures while we were making these (cuz’ let’s face it, anything involving shaved crayons is a gigantic mess!), but we did cool “Jesus” window art today.

I cut out the letters using my cricut (2 inches and Plantin Schoolbook).Then shaved some old crayons, they suggest you don’t use brown. We did green, red and purple (I got tired of shaving them and stopped at 3 colors). Then we put the letters in the middle of a 9″x9″ sheet of wax paper and sprinkled the crayon shavings around the word. Put another 9×9 peice of wax paper on top and then using a piece of newspaper on top and bottom (or I used plain printer paper) Iron the image on low heat until the crayons melt. Warning here: no need for too many crayon shavings, they melt and spread TONS! Afterwords I stapled a border of cardstock to the edges to make them look nicer. Very fun craft 🙂

We also did a circle art lesson from “How To Teach Art To Kids”. They each got to pick some pre-cut circles to make a picture from. Then we talked about the different things we can make using a circle shape.

I also put a surprise card in my 2nd grader’s box today, she had to make us all a snack! This was fun for her as she LOVES to cook! She only had 2 requirements: 1) Something Healthy and 2) Make it colorful. Here’s what she came up with: Grapes, Carrots, peaches, and apples w/peanut butter. (Might I suggest Skippy Natural, no-hydrogenated oils and tastes just like regular peanut butter, honest!)

According to my son this was the best snack ever. The peanut butter was for the apples, and we also added some ranch dressing for the carrots later on.

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