Along with our core stuff, here are some of his ‘fun’ boxes for the day. Shapes puzzles, the cards are from and so are the blocks. The cards also get harder as you go, some are just white with black outlines of the shapes, then some are just the exterior outline of the entire object and the kids have to figure out which blocks to use to fill it in.

For some Free Pattern Block Mats visit PreKinders

Short vowel Hot Dot Cards, for vowel practice now that all 5 have been introduced. I made these, you can download a copy of the cards here. I made long and short sounds vowel cards. You’ll have to purchase Hot Dot’s and the pen to go along with them.

A phonics game using his newly favorite shells. I grabbed some one vowel word cards he’ll lay them out on the table and when I say a vowel sound, he’ll put a shell on the correct card.

Numbers recognition, this is mostly just for fun, he really knows his numbers pretty well after the measuring tape game, but, just more practice. The goal is to catch a fish then say how many pounds it is based on its number. I’ll probably try to use this again with an adding sheet, maybe the domino adding sheet, then he can pick a fish and write it in square one, then pick another one put it in square 2, then add them together.

Here’s our family science experiment for the day. I gave the kids our science experiment grids, and then we filled cups with water to the top and put a square of cardboard on them and turned them over. When you let go of the cardboard it stays in place, partially because of air pushing up on the cardboard, also suction from inside the cup. Cool experiment, it ended in super wet cardboard so I’d suggest nice thick stuff if you’re going to try this at home! When we were done, they filled out their science grids and drew pictures.

Also, not pictured, was our 3rd week of Kinderbach. It went well, they colored pictures to correspond with their fingers and then a very simple song sheet that they started. So far so good…My tot got bored, but the other two stayed with it.

Then our kids did some impromptu dot-a-dot coloring pages and cut out their creations. Guess they didn’t think I had enough work for them today! LOL!


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