Today went well, my tot went through most of her boxes, actually all of them (6). Then complained that there wasn’t enough fun stuff for her to do today, so tomorrow they are full! She’s got her favorite number puzzle.

A favorite Dry Erase Pre-writing maze book I got from

A color sorting pom-pom and chopstick game:

Letter Aa wipe off writing practice, downloaded from here, thanks Erin!

An apple pattern worksheets with pom-poms and tweezers, downloaded from here.

An apple counting game and number matching, downloaded from here.

A Number 1 magnet sheet, magnets from Amazon, and worksheets from here

Letter A Lacing Cards, downloaded and colored from here.

Apple Size Sorting, downloaded from here (do you get the picture, I download a lot from there!)

And on a side note, this is what the baby’s doing during school…not sure why she likes it under the table, but you can usually find her there!


  1. Hello and thank you so much for sharing all your hardwork. I am very grateful here in Australia we have some things, however, what you offer is amazing and we love it and watch your site weekly! Can you please tell me where the above Letter Aa wipe on wipe off cards can be printed as there is no link connected to the download from here line????


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