As promised, here’s our first official What’s in the box Wednesday post! I’ll alternate between Prek, Kindergarten, and 2nd Grade for variety. If things get hairy, I’ll do a Teeny Tiny Tot box post…and yes, she does have her own boxes!

  1. Math U See Primer video and workbook
  2. Abeka Letter Flashcards: Sentence practice
  3. Abeka Handwriting practice
  4. Abeka – blend flashcard practice, click here for my blend ladders
  5. Bob Books for Reading Fun
  6. Abeka – Numbers writing practice (May switch this out with dry erase ones)
  7. Counting by 10’s
  8. $1 logic puzzle from Michael’s dollar section
  9. Melissa & Doug See & Spell
  10. My Father’s World Art: I Can Do All Things – Paint Dabbing

IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2841 IMG_2842 IMG_2843

Happy box filling to you all!


  1. Hi, I'm a new reader to your blog. It is a blessing and encouragement to me as a new homeschool mom. Your ideas are great. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas about homeschooling. I do have one question…my son is in 1st grade and we currently use Abeka. How do you use the workboxes when you need to teach special sounds or blends or a new math concept? Do you put a work with mom label on that particular box? I'm still trying to figure the workbox system so any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for your time. Jessye

  2. Sherri: My desks came from a church school that was closing for $5/each! I just spray painted them fun colors for the kiddos!I do school M-F, My prek does school most days, but really that's only b/c the older kids are doing it and she's in there with us. Some days she says doesn't do much, but mostly she'll go through her boxes.My Kinder and 2nd grader do school M-F.

  3. Timhow04:For the special sounds/blends workboxes, I use their flash cards, so I just put the cards they say to work on in a box. Then so its not so boring, I usually have my son go to the top of the stairs or something like that, and he gets to hop down every time he reads a card correctly. I've also had him bounce around on his bouncy ball and each time he passes by me he reads a card to get through the "gate" (my leg sticking out)New math concepts: I'll stick my TM in the box with his clock or felt objects or whatever so I know we have to do that activity together.Also, I put "Work With Mom" stickers on any boxes where there is instruction involved.

  4. I love your blog. I am just exploring Homeschool for my kids and have found so much great information on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing what you do and why you do it. I printed off your post on why you Homeschool and gave it to my husband to read. I said, she wrote what I feel and why I feel led to consider making this change with our kids.

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