I have to say that I think this little kindergartner of mine has some sort of personal challenge to see how many questions he can ask me in a given day…just for a sample, yesterday he asked me where sand came from and how why it got inside train tracks. Today he wanted to know how many rotations my engine was going per minute. Anyhoo, here’s his boxes for tomorrow, hopefully it’ll keep him busy long enough for me to do an internet search on where sand comes from!

1. MUS Video and workbook

2. Our new I Spy workbox card, you can download a copy here. I laminated and cut mine out so it lasts longer. We’re doing letter Mm today. I also found this fun site from Scholastic I Spy!, complete with games, we’ll be doing this for fun too!

3. Handwriting sheet for letter Mm

4. Blend cards review for T L N and B, I have him write a consonant at the end to make CVC (Consonant/vowel/consonant) words. If you haven’t already, you can download a copy of my blend cards here!

5. Introduce number 13, he is actually pretty good at the teens already. We’re also working on ‘after’ numbers on our numbers chart, so he gets to use the pointer for this. I say a number and he points to the number that comes ‘after’.

6. Reading/snack box

7. Kumon cutting and pasting puzzle, this one is M for Marching Band

8. ART: Draw Write Now! Of course we’re doing the Monkey!

9. One Vowel Word Puzzles, these are just for fun, I tried to find ones that had blends he knows already but the puzzle set didn’t have all the letters, maybe I’ll have to make some up of my own…hmm…

10. CRAFT: Sticky Mosaic by Numbers.

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