We’re starting the letter U this week, I found this fun website, No Time For Flashcards!
They have a ton of fun ideas, and if you click on the “Letter of the week” they have ideas for each letter. We are going to try the Umbrella U craft later this week.

I was telling my Kindergartner that we were starting the letter U for his sister and I couldn’t think of a food for our Letter Fun Food day and my sweet little phonics learning dude says “I know, how about nUts!”…nice…

Here are our Letter U boxes:

1. Capital U coloring page:

2. Umbrella number match flip book, downloaded from here.

3. Umbrella Uu sorting game, downloaded from here, love Erin’s ideas!

4. Lacing Beads, I was going to have her do just vowels, I may still, but the kid loves to lace beads, so she’ll probably end up doing as many will fit on a string.

5. Umbrella puzzle, downloaded from here. I may roll this into my magnetic laminate

6. Umbrella bottle cap letters, I guess I should start calling these wooden circle letters LOL! But I downloaded the alphabet template from here, then put mine on 1″ wooden circles from Michaels instead of milkcaps as I really wasn’t that thirsty ;o).

7. Big/Little Pom-Pom sort, using kids chopsticks from PF Changs, and fun lemon wedge icecube trays from Bed Bath and Beyond.

8. Panda Bear Sticky Mosaic by Numbers. I got this fun craft from Beyond the Blackboard.
It comes with sticky little mosaic squares and the bear shape is full of tiny numbers, there is a color key for the squares like yellow =1, so where ever they see a 1 they put a yellow square. There are a lot of little squares to complete this panda, so I think it will be an ongoing project for the week, and may be too much for my 3 yr old, but everyone is doing it, and she isn’t one to be left out so…it’ll be an lesson in patience (For both of us I’m sure!)


  1. Love your alphabet ideas. I am trying to find some of the stuff linked to Erin's blog (the umbrella/raindrop matching game) and when I click the link, it sends me to Erin's but now game? I'd love to do this with my son next week. Thanks a bunch! Kellyc

  2. Thanks so much! I found them and the link worked fine. =0) Thanks again, Kellycps You are friends with my dear friend Melissa Renfro! I was commenting about a great blog I found (yours) only to find out she had already found yours. Small world. =0)


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