I’m finally getting around to posting this weekend, but we had a wedding, so my box loading ended up waiting til last minute tonight! Bah!

For week 6 of MFW, we are studying Jesus as the bread of life, New Netherland (New York), and Bread. We’ll begin reading “Courage of Sarah Noble” this week also. Its not in a box as we’ve chosen to do our reading at night with our Daddy.

1. MUS Math, on Monday’s she watches her video, so its in the box!

2. Spelling review for weeks 1-5

3. Abeka Phonics and Language worksheets:

4. American Pioneers and Patriots, stories from New Netherland

5. Listening to America Song and working on practicing spelling words she missed in lessons 1-5. I downloaded the Word/Build/Write worksheet & letter tiles from here, and then made my own spelling word cards to help her practice. So she puts the word card on top, then builds it with the letter tiles, and finally writes it on the bottom.

6. Reading box and snack

7. Primary English Lessons, still giving this book a whirl…she has ‘dictation’ and an ‘observation’ lesson on frost. Though oddly it just asks questions about frost, but doesn’t first explain what it is.

8. Typing class, she loves this, the timer is in there so she knows how long to work.

9. ART: Draw Write Now! She chose the Walrus

10. Sticker Mosaic by numbers craft. Should be interesting, I’ll post photos of how this goes.

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