To finish out our week on Jesus being the light of the world, we made Sun Window hangings. I’m not sure what MFW’s obsession with melted crayon shavings are, but I’m starting to get tired of having to shave crayons LOL! The shaving part is a mess! They do make good window hangings though.

Here are our completed suns, they say “Jesus is the light of the world” on them.


  1. Hi there! I received your comment. I'll do a sample day post soon, but in the meantime: I go through my schedule from start to finish and add everything to a box. If it's reading, I write on a post-it, put it on the book and put the book in the box. Since I'm doing ECC with two boys, the other boy's box gets just the post-it with the book title and page. He knows it means he'll have to read it after the other one is finished. We read our bible stuff together as a family. And, I've been trying to sit with them and read. But, they still go through to their boxes. Does that make sense?

  2. Wow, your homeschool looks like a lot of fun!Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and for the warning about the acorns. You're the second person to tell me about the maggots, so I've been watching them very carefully. I added them to some I collected 2 years ago, and those never had anything gross like that. So hopefully these will be okay too. : )And, yes, we are using MFW Adventures — but mostly just the history stuff. It was a last minute addition to our curriculum, so I had already planned everything else out. So far I'm really enjoying Adventures though, and might still use some of the Bible activities in the future.Kellie @ Blue House Academy

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