I’ve always wanted a set of Lakeshore Letter Builders, but they’re kind of pricey, so I figured I’d try to make my own.

I have a Xyron 9″ laminator and I found some magnetic laminate from Joann’s. (Use a 40% off coupon as its expensive!).

I printed off my letters onto cardstock, then ran it through my Xyron Laminator using the magnetic laminate. Then simply cut the pieces apart and use to build your alphabet!

The kids loved them, this set is a skinnier version than the one above, but I changed my mind, I like the skinny ones better. Click here to download the Magnetic Letter Builders!

We’ll use them to practice our letters from here on out. I may also make an alphabet set for her to put the letters on top of, creating them from the little plastic one above was kind of harder than I’d expected. You could also draw letters on your magnetic whiteboard and have them put the pieces on top of the drawn letter.

NOTE: You may want to print 2 copies of the file as my 3yr old wanted to build more than one letter at a time, didn’t like ripping apart her A to make an E.


  1. Thanks for the download information. I got it. I'm so excited to do this. My son is sitting in my lap saying, "I want to build letters today." By chance do you have templates to make the letters on?Thanks again

  2. I have a smaller cricut, but might try to make these on there and just laminate. I don’t think I can justify the 9″ Xyron and magnet paper, even with 40% off to my husband:) Thanks for putting this all together. My daughter is loving all of it, and I get to play with office/school supplies, so all are happy.

    Jen C
  3. Question: When I open the file it doesn’t take me to the 4shared.com site, it just opened a 4 page file. Is this correct? Also, there was only 1 long rectangle. I’m confused. HELP!!

  4. Hello, Thanks for the file! I turned it into a Silhouette Studio file and cut it out of adhesive paper and stuck 2 pieces together for durability.

    If you would like to offer the Silhouette Studio file please email me and I can give it to you.

    Have a wonderful day!


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