Good morning readers! Today I have a much requested All About Spelling video review for you!


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As most of you know, we’ve used this program for several years now, and we still love it! But I do get a lot of questions about what you need to order, and how we use the program so I thought a video would be a great way to share more information with you and hopefully help you learn a little bit more about this curriculum.

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What do you need to purchase?


Every time I post on this product, I get questions like “Do I really need the teacher’s manual?” or “What do I need to purchase?”.

In order to complete this program successfully, you will definitely NEED the Teacher’s Manual. The student packet is basically  a list of word cards and a few other special items needed for the unit, however without the TM you won’t have any idea what to do for each lesson.

You will need 1 set of the basic letter tiles. Note: For each additional level you will receive any additional tiles specific to that unit in the student packet.

You will need 1 student packet per level. The student pack includes word cards, special letter tiles, and any additional materials needed for that unit.

And we’ve also been using the new FREE Apps that they have available on their site. Click the image below to get yours!


Why do I love All About Learning Press so much?

I’ve been using All About Learning Press products for a few years now and we really like it. I especially love it for the younger grades when students are just learning how to read and spell. I like the letter tiles which help visually see how words are put together, and I like the blue phonics rules cards the best of all. They’re great for quickly reviewing all of the phonics rules for each lesson. Here are a few more things that I love about this program:

  • It’s easy to do with no prep work on my part
  • The phonics rules are reviewed often so kiddos remember them
  • It’s a hands-on learning style that makes learning fun
  • Results: I personally witnessed in overnight improvement in all of my children’s spelling and reading skills
  • The kiddos love it!


Want more information?

Visit the All About Learning Press website!


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  1. Hi Erica, First, thanks so much for all you do to inform homeschool moms!!!I I noticed that you are using All About Spelling AND Spelling You See. Which do you prefer & why do you use both?


    1. I think for just starting out, I prefer All About Spelling because they do a good job teaching the phonics rules. However it is a teacher intensive program, so you need to make time to teach this one on one. It’s not a worksheet based curriculum that you can just give to your student to work on independently, so just keep that in mind.
      I love AAS for my younger kiddos still learning phonics rules, so I still use it for them. For my older kids AAS wasn’t working as well anymore, and so we use the SYS program and I do like it. I use it as their handwriting practice as well, because it’s mostly dictation and copy work. There aren’t traditional tests or word lists like you will normally find in a spelling program. Instead students learn through repetition of reading and writing the words in the context of a story, poem, etc. Since SYS also kind of doubles as a handwriting program for us, I also use it with my younger ones as well.

  2. It’s funny, I don’t like this curriculum because it is so scripted… but my daughter LOVES it! She asks to do her spelling and is retaining what she learned. I google harder words based on the concept in each unit because the ones in the books are so simple, but AAS does a good job teaching the actual concept.

  3. Erica, I just came upon your video. How do you teach this to all 4? I am beginning this for my 2nd, 4th and kinder next year. Do you take each one out of the room and teach them for 30 min while others are doing independent work? My 4 year old this year was always looking for me and interrupting.

    Would love to get your insight and suggestions!!!!

    Thank you so much for all you do.
    A great help!

    1. We take turns, and actually this was a few years ago. My older two aren’t doing AAS anymore as they’ve passed the levels. So now I’m only doing it with two. And yes, I just take a few minutes to teach the lesson to my youngest first, then to my older one. I don’t leave the room or anything, we just do the lessons in there. Keep in mind that the ages of your kids will change the dynamics in your homeschool. Right now your 4 year old probably wants attention, so I would try to find something quiet he can work maybe sitting next to you while you do the lesson with your others. I found that just including the younger ones helped a lot 🙂


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