We did our Very Hungry Caterpillar Game and book today. It was a huge hit. As I read the story she laced her pieces on. My 2nd grader filled out the graph just for fun and helped her sister find the correct pieces. You can download the Hungry Caterpillar lacing pieces here, and the graphing chart here.
At the end of the story, I had her put all her little pieces into a bag like a cocoon, as I finished reading I magically swapped out the bag for another one I’d pre-made with a butterfly in it. When I gave her back the bag and had her pull out her caterpillar, she was excited to see that it was now a butterfly! Good times…good times ;o)

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put up her Letter C on the alphabet tree.

She worked on her patterning practice. Is it just my kids, or do all your kids try to put the pieces ontop of the ones already on the card, like I need to make enough to cover all the caterpillars? She has a hard time understanding that I want her to ‘finish’ the pattern, not copy it. You can download the caterpillar pattern game here.

Our Caterpillar bottle cap letter matching, she was telling me that she wasn’t ready for me to take her picture yet! Sorry! You can download the caterpillar bottlecap printable here.

One of her favorite activities, the Caterpillar Graphing Dry Erase pages. She counts the caterpillars then colors or draws circles in the correct amount of squares. She squeals with excitement when she hits 10! You can download the caterpillar graphing game here.

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