To go along with our Letter C stuff, we made pom-pom caterpillars today. I used a large popsicle stick as the base, then just glued pom-poms to it, added eyes, antennae and don’t forget the flare! And voila:


  1. These are great ideas. I wish I had found your blog before we did the letter C.I want to ask- what type of laminator do you use? I am thinking about getting one but I don't know much about them (other than the monster sized one I used when I taught first grade).

  2. To answer your question, I use a Xyron 9" laminator. (Got off ebay cheap). The refill cartridges are $34 for 50' at Joanns or Michaels so I always use a 40% coupon. Its sticky laminate, not heat, so it works well to cut things out. If I have TONS of things, or large items I go to the local teaching store and laminate there!

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