Day 3 of our Letter C submersion class and its going well. I asked her today and she has no clue what letter she’s working on…seriously? We even sing the song everyday “The C says “Ka” the C says “Ka” every letter makes a sound the C says “Ka”! I’m hoping she is just kidding with me, it is like her, if you can’t tell from the faces she gives for the camera, she’s the life of the party around here and LOVES to joke around. But seriously…its the letter c kid…the LETTER C!

So for what its worth…here’s our work from today! Coloring c and calendar numbers, she’s in charge of counting our calendar each day. My kindergartner is in charge of helping her count.

Here she is counting, she made it all the way to 13 today without help from her brother! Nice…

We also practiced some fine-motor skills, the straws in the lid game. I got some questions on this last time on how I made it. The lid is like metal/aluminum and I just hammered nails into the top of it to make the holes!

She played the caterpillar number ordering game, she did pretty well with this, still gets her 2’s and 3’s mixed up, but got the rest. You can download the game here.

Onto the counting game, she did 8 today since that is our number of the week. You can download it here.

Lacing C and c cards, you can download my A-Z lacing cards here…she likes these and is getting pretty good at it. I think we’ll try the easy felt sewing kits next…

Caterpillar Size Sorting…these are getting too easy for her, I’m guessing its good practice though. You can download the game here.

Read this cute book, LOVE it! We also had C shaped cookies for snack, but I didn’t get pics…if I had, I’d probably not have gotten a cookie!

A fun numbers recognition game, roll the die and then move your marker to the next spot with the rolled number on it. We all played this one. You can download it here.

Large floor caterpillar. She LOVED this from yesterday and its a good way to review number recognition, so we played again today! You can download it here.

And for fun, what started out to be a writing practice doing the letter C and number 8, turned into an entire alphabet practice…guess she likes these ;o) They are Kumon Dry Erase Alphabet Cards. These are uppercase, but he makes lower case and numbers, and CVC’s etc.

Finally a cotton ball caterpillar craft. I got the idea from No Time For Flashcards.

We’re going to end this week with the Very Hungry Caterpillar…and since he turns into a Butterfly…and that starts with Bb…I’m going to try and post Letter B downloads Friday!
These are only part of my Letter C stuff, for all the downloads in one spot, click here!

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