Here is a sample of my workbox excel spreadsheet. I downloaded it from a nice person from the Yahoo Workbox Group and can’t remember who sorry! I have changed it up a bit as well, so you can click here to download my version of the file (the download is my 2nd graders grid).

All my kids have a different color of grid so I can easily tell them apart. I fill them out for the following week on Thursdays or Fridays usually (this is the longest part, but worth the effort!). That way I can get any supplies I need over the weekend and then during the week I can fill boxes very QUICKLY! When they are done I print them and keep them in a file rack in the school room for easy access, this is my teacher’s station:

After lunch while the kids are playing I refill boxes for the following day, I grab my spreadsheets and go, it goes really quickly if its already laid out for you!

Each week I simply copy the entire sheet and past it onto a new page in the same excel file and fill it out again for the following week and so on…so all the weeks start to build up in one excel file (notice there are 2 pages in this sample). At the end of each week, I make any changes to the spreadsheet that I penciled in during the week and then print them out for ‘lesson plan records’ and put in a binder.

The empty grid boxes are where I put in ‘fun’ educational activities, I try to be creative here and they do look forward to these boxes! I do NOT put art in the boxes anymore, I just list it on the sheet so I know what I’m supposed to be doing and then count it as an empty box to fill with fun stuff.


  1. LS is Letters and Sounds from Abeka, I started mixing in the Abeka because my 2nd grader needed help reading and she's really improved since we did. I have cut back on the MFW stuff for now though, I try to mix in fun stuff because I really do like that curriculum, but Adventures it didn't have that much phonic work and she really needed it, so now I'm trying to do both LOL! Normally where all that phonic stuff is, I had the MFW history stuff, now we try to read that on the side, and do the fun activities where we can.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I love seeing how organized people work 😉 Just wondering how structured your school day is? Do you have consistent start times and when are you usually done for the day? I am struggling to get my 1st grader through 10 boxes, even with fun stuff to look forward to…

  3. I would love to see your whole working area. Where you store future ideas, save things for the next child, and just what you have on your desk and can’t live without – laminator for example 🙂 I’m just starting out with a K, PreK, and Tiny Tot. I love your site – thanks!

    Amanda C
    1. Hi Katie, I’m sorry you are having troubles, I just checked and the link appears to be working okay. If you can’t click it regularly, try RIGHT clicking the link the select ‘save file as’.


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