Well, like I said I developed a felt food craving quite quickly after the felt doughnuts! There is a wonderful video tutorial from Lilly Bean! Here’s my attempt at the felt pizza:


  • 4 Sheets of light tan felt for crust
  • 1 sheet of light cream for cheese
  • 1 sheet red for pepperoni
  • 1 sheet green for peppers
  • 1 sheet marbled tan or brown for mushrooms
  • needle and matching thread, scissors, sewing machine if you have one!
  • regular sized plate and ruler
  • Filling: you can use 1/2″ foam, or I used some sheet cotton from my christmas houses!)

1. Using the light tan felt, trace your pizza pie shape onto the felt. The straight sides measure 5.5″ and then I used a plate to draw on the curve. (Repeat 4 times if you’re making a whole pizza)

2. Layer your traced felt piece onto another one, then roughly cut out the crust shapes going through both layers and secure layers together with a pin. Using a sewing machine, sew along the line you traced onto the felt. Once done, cut a slit into one side of the felt and flip inside out. (Repeat with all 4 pieces)

3. Once pieces are flipped inside out, cut filling foam to fit: The edges will be 5″ long each straight side then I used the plate to trace on the curve again. (Repeat cutting 4 pieces of foam). Stuff foam in through the hole you cut and smooth out. Hand stitch the opening closed.

4. Using cream felt for cheese, trace pie shape onto it. The edges of the cheese will be 4″ on both straight edges, and again I used the plate to trace on the curve. Repeat for 4 slices of cheese and cut out. (I just traced one, then folded the felt in half and cut it all at the same time.)

5. Stitch cheese onto the crust, leaving a gap at the rounded side for the crust.

6. This part was tricky, but…fold the red felt in half so you are sewing 2 pieces together and free-hand sew circles (I used my machine so they aren’t very round, but I tried to make up for it when I cut them out! I made 8 pepperoni’s so there would be 2/slice.

7. Using green felt (folded in half again), free-hand stitch a pepper slice, I tried to do a half circle shape…the Lilly Bean lady does it MUCH better! Cut out when finished.

8. Using tan marbled felt (folded in half again), free-hand stitch mushroom shapes and cut out.

9. Place toppings on pizza and serve to your hungry kids that have been waiting all afternoon!

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Here are some more fun felt tutorials to aid in your newly found obsession:


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