Buckets-O-Fun is a website that sells various games and entertainment type activities for kids. They also have a section called “Yuck Slime” and that’s what we reviewed. The “Yuck” science activities deal with polymers. The product comes with instructions and observation ideas for each substance.


We reviews 4 products, the Chunky Yuck, Saucy Yuck, Sticky Yuck and Snowy Yuck.

What’s the cost for the yuck packets? Prices vary depends, you purchase it by the pound. The minimum was $16 for a pound of Chunky Yuck. We received a VERY small packet of each, I’d say a few table spoons, so I can’t even imagine needing a whole pound for a homeschooling setting. They also offer large quantities for classrooms going up to 50lbs for $600.

To prepare for our experiments, we placed each packet in a bowl. My daughter slowly mixed each one as we observed it and made notes on what happened.

Here she is starting with the “Saucy Yuck” this was to be like applesauce, and ours was a bit thicker, but you can keep adding water until you get the consistency you are looking for.

Here’s a close up of the “Saucy Yuck”. As I said this one was kind of “gewy”, the best thing I can think of to explain it would be a handful of chunky Vaseline.


Here’s the “Snowy Yuck”. This actually did feel like snow, slightly cool and wet but still had that “plastic” feel to it.


Here’s the “Chunky Yuck”. This one didn’t work out as well for us, maybe we didn’t give it enough time either, but we got tired of waiting. I can see that the crystals were starting to get bigger, but they didn’t reach full capacity.


Here’s the “Sticky Yuck”: Ahh, the sticky yuck…this was my daughters favorite, and probably my LEAST favorite! It was VERY difficult to get off of anything it touched, but she absolutely loved playing with it.


One thing that I’d suggest if purchasing this material would be to use disposable containers. They do say that you are NOT supposed to let any of the product go down your drain which made washing out my bowls very difficult. The material was quite sticky and took awhile to get off of everything including my daughter!

That said, the materials did perform as expected and I think had we given the Chunky Yuck more time, it probably would’ve hydrated. It would probably be good for a science experiment, maybe for a co-op due to the amount you have to purchase.

For more information visit the Buckets O Fun Website.

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Disclosure: I am member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was provided with free Yuck products to review on my blog. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.

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