Well, after my “I’m not a sewer turkey project”, I got on a felt food kick and decided to make some doughnuts! I got the idea from Escape Artist, and here’s my attempt at it!

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  • Felt for doughnut, I used light brown, dark brown(it takes 1/2 sheet per doughnut)
  • Colored felt for frosting: I used light pink(I got about 4 frosting pieces/sheet)
  • Doughnut template: you could use a CD or I used a large can of chicken and a nickle for the hole LOL!
  • Scissors, needle, matching thread
  • Fluffy stuffing, I used a polyfiber fill stuffing.
  • Topping embellishments, I used beads as well as hand stitched on sprinkles.

1. Trace your pattern onto the doughnut colored felt, you’ll need 2 circles per doughnut. Then trace the doughnut hole, I used a quarter, but I think the holes are too big, so I’d use something smaller like a nickel or the inside of a CD.

2. Cut out the doughnut circles and holes. Next cut out free form frosting piece and a hole from the center the same size as the doughnut hole. (I traced the chicken can onto the pink frosting then just cut a curvy frosting piece inside the circle.)

3. Secure the frosting to 1 piece of your doughnut with pins and sew along the frosting’s outside edge to attach it to the doughnut.

4. Using small beads or thread, stitch on your sprinkles. I used small beads for 2 doughnuts and then stitched on long sprinkles on the other two.

5. Layer the top of doughnut with frosting onto the bottom doughnut piece and sew along the doughnut hole stitching all 3 pieces together.

6. Stitch the outside edges together leaving about 1.5″ open so you can push in the stuffing. Fill doughnut as full as you can, then finish stitching up the opening, and admire your newly created felt doughnut! Zero calories baby!

7. Now go make a bunch more so your kids don’t fight over them! (The chocolate doughnut was a favorite over here)

8. Go internet searching for more felt food because you’re now addicted, here’s some to aid in your search:


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