Ready to have a little fun making some super cute winter decorations? This easy snowflake popsicle craft is so easy and fun you’ll want to make a bunch to decorate your home!


  • Popsicle sticks (4 per snowflake)
  • Craft Glue
  • Fake Snow (I found sparkly snow and it looked great!)
  • Paper plate (To catch the mess!)

1. Place a drop of glue in the center of one Popsicle stick. Lay another one across the center of it at a 45 degree angle making a cross. Put another dab of glue in the center and put another stick lying at a 45 degree angle from the other sticks. Repeat for the last stick until your snowflake looks like this:

(I pre-made these as I didn’t think my kids would want to wait for the glue to dry)

2. Once snowflakes are dry, add a thick layer of glue or modge podge to one whole side of the snowflake. Cover everything well.

3. Pour some fake snow onto a paper plate. Have the child place the snowflake, glue side down, into the snow, then pick it up and turn it over to allow to dry. (If you want a thicker layer of snow, repeat the process by adding more glue on top of the layer of snow, and dip it again in the snow.)

4. When the snowflake is completely dry, use a pipe cleaner to wrap a loop for hanging, on the top of one of the sticks. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick a few times, then form it into a small loop, and finish by wrapping the rest of the pipe cleaner around the stick once again. You can secure it with a little glue if necessary

5. Hang on your Christmas tree or in your windows!

6. VERY VERY CAREFULLY fold your paper plate in half and funnel the remaining snowflakes back into the bag. Whatever you do, DO NOT allow the paper plate to slip from your hands, popping back open, and thus lightly dusting your entire kitchen with fake snow. While it’s a nice Christmasy look, it’s not so fun to clean up. Trust me people, I speak from experience here!


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