Today I’m posting some of our favorite prek activities, great for workboxes! I usually mingle these in with our alphabet activities, they are also things she willl just go grab them on her own to do for fun as well.

Imaginets: These blocks are great for boosting fine motor, and visual thinking skills. And though the product is rated for ages 3 and up, it’s been a favorite for my 2 year old all the way to my 8 year old!

A favorite around here are the wipe-off books, one in particular is the Pre-Printing with Mazes book:


We also LOVE these See & Solve Math Manipulatives, they come with the wooden rods as well as lacing strings. You can do patterns, counting, sorting etc!

IMG_3239 IMG_3240

Homemade transferring activity! I used a plastic paint pallet probably from Michael’s and some kid’s chopsticks PF Chang’s. I have a bunch of variations of this game.

100_5086 IMG_3248


Daily counting calendar: I use this every day to practice counting, months and days of the week. We also put little colored math links on thumb tacks by each letter to make a pattern. I got the calendar and numbers from Lakeshore Learning and the colored math links from Lakeshore Learning as well.

IMG_3258 IMG_3293

Marbles on tees balancing game: I just cut a piece of styrafoam, but I’ve seen it done in sand as well. Stick in some golf tees and have them balance the marbles on top.


3D Feel & Find: This game is great, we try to ‘feel’ the object in the bag then pull it out. If it gets to hard, I just let her pull them all out and match them.


Number Pegs and Cards We use these to count, make super tall towers, sort by color, etc.


Counting Bears and Cups: we use these for counting, and sorting


Number cards and colored paper clips or mini-clothes pins: I put the correct amount of stickers on the backs of the cards as well so you can either work on number recognition or counting, also can be used as a double check for your answer. Another variation of this are my Number Dot Cards.

100_5088 100_5165

Small Places sorting: Placing straws into small holes in jar


Bingo markers put in bowls with numbers in them: Put in correct amount of markers, or any object you wish.


Blokus This game is great for the whole family, but I was surprised that my 3yr old loved it too! She plays with it on her own and tries to fit all the shapes on the board, she also sorts the by color as seen below:


Bead Sequencing Set


Making shapes with stickers: Here is a link to a shape tracing template from Coloring Castle, they also have this shape tracer worksheet that gives the connecting dots only and the student has to fill in the missing ones, I used this for the older kids! I also made a Numbers Tracing Worksheet as well, figure while we’re at it might as well practice numbers! Worksheet Works is another great site where you can make your own worksheets. The scissor practice one would be great for this activity too!


CREATIVE COLOR CUBES ACTIVITY SET: We use these to make shapes on our alphabet activities and with these cards as well.


PS: I wasn’t paid to review anything here, everything I’ve promoted thus far, is just stuff we like and use!



  1. I have to say you encourage me! We began homeschooling our son last school year (2008-2009). He's now in 4th grade. Our daughter just turned 4 and I've been very convicted about not doing too much with her. I've been praying about what and how I should go about even starting Pre-K with her.I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and I have just been so encouraged at all you've had to share in the last week or so. I'm gleaning so much off your blog! I'm so excited to be able to incorporate some of these ideas with our daughter. I absolutely love the workbox idea and will be reading more about that. And, I love all the activities (inexpensive, too) that you shared about today.Thank you for sharing your ideas and gifts! I truly appreciate you.Blessings,Lisa S.

  2. Thank you for sharing some of your favorites! There are a few things on your list that I have seen and really wanted to get for the kids but didn't know their "name" or where to buy them…thank you for that information.I also like what you said a few posts back about not coveting things that others have and trying to make things if you can. I really needed that reminder!! Thank you!Blessings

  3. KEVIN: Hi, yes, they have little plastic things on the ends to hold them together. It also causes them to have some 'spring' to them so they're kind of like tweezers.I got them for free from PF Chang's, they're just the kid's chopsticks. If you don't have them, you can roll up a piece of paper, then twist a rubber band around them in a figure 8 to hold it on, and it creates the same tension as the plastic gizmos.Hope that helps!

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