Today we did a science project with magnets. We made a pile of random items, some magnetic and some not. We hypothesized which we thought were magnetic by making 2 piles (Magnetic and Not magnetic). Then we tested our theories…

IMG_2880 IMG_2874

We discovered that Bakugan balls are magnetic (actually we already knew, this but it was cool to see that it was true with the magnet wand.)


We made things travel up the glass using the magnet on the outside, and also made paper clips move around on the table with the magnetic wand below it. They loved this part!

IMG_2876 IMG_2878

We noted how many balls we could hang from the wand before the weight of them caused them to drop off spraying all over the floor.


Afterwards we filled out our Science Experiment Grids, then just spent time playing with the tiny little choking hazards until the Teeny Tiny Tot woke up from her nap.


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