I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning, on my blog that is! I was starting to get that “cluttered” feeling, and so I went for an overhaul.

I’m not entirely done, I have planned some more detailed coding that’s going to require some assistance from my loving husband, but for now, I’m giving this new look a try.

Change 1: To the right you will notice a pink tabbed box that allows you to see a bit ABOUT ME, to SEARCH for specific things on this blog, look at past blog TOPICS (categories), see old blog POSTS (archives), and get some confession BLING!

Change 2: I consolidated all my sidebar widgets into one new sidebar that is separated by pink title bars, hopefully cleaner and easier to read.

Change 3: I’m trying out a new background, not sure I’m totally happy yet, still working on code so that it scrolls with the content.

So let me know what you think, I’d love to hear feedback. My goal is to make it easier to find things that you’re looking for here while at the same time being careful not overwhelm one with sensory overload!

Thanks for bearing with me!



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