Have you ever given your Teeny Tot a frozen Gogurt? Well, they’re popular around here, and so I finally bit the bullet and tossed one her way…

IMG_3875 IMG_3869

To say it was a success would have been an understatement.

IMG_3870 IMG_3872

And the result…drum roll please….an overwhelming “THUMBS UP” from the Teeny Tiny Tot.

She cried when it was all gone and I took it away. I later caught her in the trash looking for her beloved Gogurt, and let’s just say she’s not exactly above eating something out of the trash can.

Thank you Yoplait.


  1. You are so awesome at making fun experiences for your kids!I don't usually comment, although I love, love your blog, but I had to give my 2 cents about the gogurts. They are supposed to be a choke hazard when frozen. I hate to poop the party, but your tot is so cute and precious I had to mention it. I am always shocked at the things that are unsafe and appreciate the info., so I hope I am not being rude.Blessings to you and your sweeties!

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