Every year our local homeschool group does a Geography Fair. This year, we were not going to do it for lack of time and creativity on my part. I awoke this morning to my daughter who had made an entire board on her own, prepared a speech and was begging to go!
She made this board on The Earth and all the things that God made, and had put so much work into it, that I couldn’t really say no, so off we went…

One of my favorite displays was made by a friend of ours on the Brazilian Rainforest. She made a 3 tier diorama with each layer of the rainforest, it was awesome!

Here are 2 of the layers up close:
IMG_3646 IMG_3647
After all the presentations were completed, everyone received a Passport and got to go visit each of the other boards. Everyone provided a sticker for their country to place in the passports. Then we finished off with some food tasting from all the countries!
Ours was only 1 of 3 rooms they had this year, people are spread out so presentations don’t take so long. I’m not really a last minute type of gal, so this was a stretch for me, but we really ended up having a good time!


  1. Thanks for sharing! We are taking a break from homeschooling for a week or so but then, we are going to be getting back " into the thick of things" studying the rainforest. I love your daughter's project and think that my sons would really enjoy making something similar to what she made. If/when they do, I will link the post to yours so that you and your readers will be able to see what your daughter inspired us to do.Have a wonderful day!Colleen

  2. Oops…just went back and re-read your post again and saw that it was your friends' child that made the rainforest display. Well, please let her know that we really love it and plan to make a version of it here.Your daughter's creation board is very nice, too…maybe we will have to do that as well, in between our summer camps and VBS. Again, thanks for the inspirations! Colleen

  3. Well it certainly shows she has tenacity and drive and that is excellent! Love her board and theme! Best of all-she did it all by herself and that makes it truly special. That looks like a huge event! Goodness! Thanks for sharing-always looking for ideas for our new co-op!

  4. Hi!I just got a "Featured on The Activity Mom" button. I've featured your Add it and Subtract it games and have many more on my to do list. If you'd like a button, feel free to grab the code from my blog. Either way thank you for great posts and inspiration!

  5. Your daughter did an awesome job on her board. Great job teaching her so she has the drive/initiative to get it done herself! I just recently found your blog and absolutely love it. Keep all your great posts coming! 🙂

  6. BlessedByGod: The geography fair is similar to a science fair for our local HS group. They split us up into groups based on age, then everyone sets up their projects on a table. Then each child gets a chance give their presentation. My DD did a little talk on the 7 days of creation for the earth. Each child gets a certificate for participating, they didn't judge this.

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