I know everyone is in planning madly for this year and you may have even started, but I just had to share this awesome TOS 2010 Homeschool Planner with you!

I couldn’t even believe it when I got it, but the thing is 614 pgs! I almost need a planner to use the planner LOL! Thankfully the whole thing is interactive, so in the table of contents when it specifies the forms, you can just click there and it takes you right to it which makes it super easy to navigate.

Click here for a sample of the planner!

But seriously, this thing isn’t just a planner, it includes all kinds of things to help you keep your household organized and flowing smoothly.

First of all there are forms for things like important dates, contacts, birthdays, anniversaries, and health forms. But you kind of expect that out of a planner, no?


Of course they have household organizers and forms to help you stay focused, on task, plan crafts, and work out a daily & monthly schedule. I have to say that I LOVE the calendars. They’re interactive so you can type your information in, save and/or print the form for yourself. To me this is nice because with most calendars you print the form then ‘write’ your information in, and I don’t know about you but mine gets messy!


They also have a fun section to help you organize in the kitchen. It includes monthly meal calendars, 84 recipes, PLUS grocery and menu planners! It has conversion charts, recipes and activity ideas as well! And they also have a really fun monthly theme full of ideas, recipes and good topics to cover each month.


As if that wasn’t already enough, here’s the stuff that blew me away! They include all kinds of miscellaneous educational information. Things like a list of Periodic Elements, Historical Information, Miracles of Jesus, Measurement Conversions, US Presidents, 13 Colonies by date, Branches of US Governments, 7 wonders of the world,  Planets, Latin & Greek Roots, Basic Lapbooking, Famous Composers, Timelines, Countries & Capitals, US Presidents and Famous Artists.  They even include a World Geography section that will add in nicely with my Expedition Earth curriculum, as well as preschool writing charts for copy work that include print and cursive!


Then there’s the getting ready for school section, I LOVE this section! They include everything from curriculum forms, annual, quarterly, weekly & daily planning, and if you’re feeling ambitious, they include 12 year planning forms. They also have helpful websites, resources and vendors, including end of the year reporting forms that include report cards, evaluation forms, progress reports, homeschooling requirements, and even testing results and information.


They also have High School Tracking logs, Book logs, extra curricular activities logs, Journaling pages and unit study forms. Bible memorization records, science lab sheets, discipleship forms, un-schooling forms, Attendance charts, community service records, and book report forms! They even have co-op planning forms! Seriously, I can’t even tell you everything that’s included in this planner, all I CAN say is that if you need it, its in there!


So what’s the cost for this fabulous planner?

The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner- $39.00! (E-book format)
The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner- $44.00 (CD version)

Clearly, I can’t list everything or this post would be WAY too long! But I do love it, and think you will too. So all that’s left to do is go check it out for yourself!

Disclaimer: I am member of the TOS Homeschool Crew and received a free copy of the planner in order to write this ad for them as part of a contest at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and I am using this planner to help organize my year! Any opinions of the product are my own and not influenced by the free product provided.


  1. This is quite amazing! Being a first time homeschooler it looks like this organizer walks you through everything. Definite help in boosting organizational confidence this first year!

  2. I will not need this until next year. Is it offered every year? Could I buy it now and not use it until next year? I really like the looks of this planner, but don't want to buy it now if I can't use it next year. KWIM? Thanks, Rachel


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