I know I’m cutting it close this month, but I’ve been swamped! So better late than never is apparently my motto these days! Anyhoo, here’s my October Meal Plan. It’s not too much different than the September 2010 plan but I did swap out some meals that my family didn’t like as much for new ones. Otherwise I kept to a similar schedule.

  • Download October 2010 Meal Plan ~ PDF
  • Download October 2010 Meal Plan ~ Word


(That means Eat! in Italian, we’re not quite to Italy yet, but I’m Italian and apparently I’m a little excited)


  1. This is such a great way to get organized! I have completely fallen off the meal planning train and want to get back on it. Maybe this will be my inspiration! I also love it that you have planned snacks. I feel like we just grab whatever snacks are available and then we get in a rut. Nice variety and thanks for sharing!

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