What’s the Teeny Tiny Tot been up to these days? Workboxes of course!

Here’s her line up and some in action:

1. Her new Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank


Numbers Puzzle


2. Bead sorting. I found this tiny ice cube tray at Wal-mart and couldn’t resist getting it for school! It’s the perfect size for sorting little beads into:


3. Felt Strawberries. We used chopsticks to transfer the strawberries to bowls.


4. Dice to stack, roll, toss?


5. Stacking Cups, to, um, stack?


6. Leapfrog Fridge Phonics to drive Mommy crazy.


7. Stickers and paper, this is one of her favorite boxes, she loves to put stickers on things.


8. Pom-poms, bowls and measuring cups to scoop.


Coloring book, I did tell her to ‘do it on your desk’, guess she’s a literal type person.


Magnets, she loves to put the magnets all over the white board, too bad she doesn’t like to take them back off again!


Biggie Beads by Fun Fusion and a Water Bottle. She loved to put the little beads in the bottle then shake them back out again!


Our fun magnetic fish puzzle. I think I got this from Target in the educational toys section, she loves it!


That’s what we’ve been up to this week, feel free to link up with your boxes!


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