Each year we make some sort of Christmas Ornaments. This year we decided to try Scupley clay for our ornaments.



  • Sculpey clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Straw (used to poke holes for the ribbon)
  • Cookie cutters (Optional, we cut shapes out of the rolled clay)
  • Ribbon
  • Paint, or we used Sharpie Paint Pens from Michael’s (note: these are REALLY hard to get off of counter tops, don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Although the clay was a tad hard to roll out, once rolled it was really easy to cut and manipulate.


We baked it for about 15 min and voila, ornaments!


Once the ornaments were dry, we colored them:


Even the Teeny Tot got involved. (Note to self, do not let Teeny Tot use Sharpie Paint Pens in future projects)


And here are our end results, this was an easy Nativity craft if you’re looking for one and it turned out really cute!


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  1. Cute Sculpey clay ornaments.Wanted to let you know that we did the one Do-a-Dot Christmas tree in conjunction with our Around the World in December projects for Germany…The boys stamped the tree with the Do-a-Dot markers, then they went back and glued teddy grahams, marshmallows, candies, and cut down birthday candles to represent the candies, gingerbread ornaments, and candles that traditionally cover German Christmas trees…We did a bunch of other projects that I plan to share on my blog, but wanted to thank you for the section in Expedition Earth about Around the World in December…as well as for the Do-a-Dot tree template and all of your other great ideas. Will link up to you and your materials and ideas once I publish my new post, probably by MondayHave a happy weekend,Colleen 🙂

  2. Great project! I like that it gives the same look as homemade oven-baked doughs, but I bet it's going to be MUCH sturdier. We have to be so careful with the cinnamon dough ornaments that I've had my daughters making since they were toddlers, and still every year some break. I'm trying THIS next year!

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