Bunnies, chicks, eggs…oh my! All of those things are fun, but I really want my kiddos to get the real meaning of Easter as well! So here are a few of my favorite ideas to help make this Easter special!

Since Easter is quickly approaching I’m in the mood for Easter Activities! Yesterday I shared the mini resurrection Easter garden you, but today I wanted to share a few more fun hands on Easter ideas with you!


Easter Garden


If you missed yesterday’s post, creating a mini resurrection Easter Garden is a wonderful idea to remind your family of Jesus this season! Click here for detailed instructions on creating your own mini resurrection Easter garden.


“Life of Jesus” Bracelet

This is a great Easter craft for kids as well as a wonderful gift!


Here is the story:

One night there was a bright start, which guided three wise men. They carried three gifts to give to the King of the earth upon His birth. He grew up to become a carpenter, and a fisher of men and souls. He had twelve apostles, who spread the Word of Christ. Because of our sins He was crucified, shedding HIs blood for us. he ascended to Heaven, and is seated to the right side of the Father. he sent the Holy Spirit to show us the way. And He did all this because of His great love for us.



  • One night there was a bright star (Star Charm),
  • Which guided three wise men (3 green beads),
  • They carried three gifts to give the King of the earth (3 white beads),
  • upon His birth (1 clear bead),
  • He grew up to become a carpenter (1 brown wood bead),
  • And a fisher of men and souls (1 fish charm),
  • He had twelve apostles (12 colorful beads, I used blue),
  • Who spread the Word of Christ (1 clear bead).
  • Because of our sins (3 black beads)
  • He was crucified (1 silver cross)
  • Shedding His blood for us (1 red bead)
  • He rose and is now in Heaven, seated to the right side of the Father (1 blue bead)
  • He sent His Holy Spirit (1 dove charm)
  • And He did all this because of His great love for us (1 heart bead).

I also made a little story card that you can print and tie to your bracelet to give as a gift this Easter.


–>Click to download the “Life of Jesus” card <–

You can hunt for the beads on your own, or you can also purchase a Story of Jesus Bracelet kit from Oriental Trading for $9.99


Resurrection Eggs:


We like to read through Bejamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs. As we get to each egg, the kids take turns shaking it and guessing what they will find inside. Finally I choose one to do the honors. They’re always excited to do this even though they pretty much know what’s going to be found inside.


(Above image is a kit you can purchase from ChristianBook.com)

Here is a list of supplies to make your own:

  • Scripture Strips <–Click here to download the printable strips
  • 1 egg carton & 12 plastic Easter eggs filled as directed below:
  1. Bread or cracker piece – Matthew 26:26
  2. 3 coins – Matthew 26:14-15
  3. Purple cloth strip – Mark 15:17
  4. Thorny crown and red strip of fabric – Matthew 27:29
  5. Thick string – Mark 15:15
  6. Cross – John 19:17-18a
  7. A nail – John 20:25b
  8. A sign saying “This is the King of the Jews” – Luke 23:38
  9. Sponge – John 19:34
  10. Spear – John 19:34 (ideas: Plastic cherry sword, or make one using brown and grey construction paper, or color and cut out one)
  11. Rock – Matthew 27:59-60
  12. Empty – Matthew 28:6

If you don’t have time to gather the items, Coloring Pages Spot offers a free Resurrection Egg page you can print and cut out as well!


The Jelly Bean Story

This is another great gift for Easter time! Plus sweet little jelly bean gifts are great to hand out at your co-op, or to family members as a fun gift that reminds everyone all about Jesus!



  • 1 clear gift bag or jar
  • 1 bag of jelly beans
  • Printable Jelly Bean Story
  • Ribbon to tie story to jar or baggie


–> Click here to download the Jelly Bean Story <–


  1. Fill glass jar or gift bag with jelly beans
  2. Tie closed using a pretty ribbon
  3. Add on the Jelly Bean Story printable
  4. Hand out to friends and family!

Mama Jenn also has a cute variation of this activity on her blog as well! The story is a little bit different, so feel free to hop on over and share some love with her for creating such cute printables!


Here are some more fun Easter activities I’ve shared in the past!

Easter Egg Dyed yarn Tutorial: This is a great project for kids, and it was easy enough that they did most of it on their own, with just a little instruction from me such as measuring and help with the microwave.



I made some fun Easter activity printables as well for our family, you can download them here!



Stained Glass Cross Craft: These are super easy to do and a great idea for younger kiddos!



Tissue Paper Easter Egg: A very easy and inexpensive Easter craft!



I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our risen Lord! If you have any fun Easter activities to share, make sure to leave a comment below!


  1. Erika,

    Thank you so much for this! It is so encouraging to have hands-on activities ready for me and I don’t have to search for them! What a blessing you are in helping us lead our children in loving the Lord and living for him.

    Amy H.

    Amy H.

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