Welcome to the Letter P activities, this week we will be having fun with Pumpkins! I hope you like it! πŸ™‚

Letter P Memory Verse:
Praise the Lord; for it is good to sing praises our God. Psalm 147:1
Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6:11

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put up the letter P on our Alphabet Tree! You can download my small alphabet letters here. (Here’s a link to my Chicka Boom tree)

Song time:
Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol 1
Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Songs – Vol 2

Letter P Tracing Page: You can download the A-Z handwriting worksheets here!


Letter P Blend Ladder: I use these for pre-reading practice, she sounds out each blend and sometimes we add an ending consonant to make CVC words.


Letter P Tracing: I laminate this and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers for pre-writing practice skills.

Pumpkin Pre-Writing Practice: I laminate this and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers for pre-writing practice skills. You can also print this in grayscale and use for more scissor skills practice!

Pumpkin Number Cards: I use these with either mini-clothes pins, colored paper clips, or put a hole in them and have her attach chain links to them. Whatever you use, just have them put on the correct amount for the number on the card. These are also good for putting in numerical order. This download includes pumpkin seeds for counters.

Letter P Scavenger hunt: Fill your box with things that start with the letter p!

Pumpkin Large Floor Numbers: I made these large floor numbers so that we can play a hopscotch type game. I call out a number and she jumps to it! You could also have them put the cards in numerical order, or put them in random order, then hop to them in numerical order.

Pumpkin Pattern Activity: Just use the pieces to practice pre-math pattern skills.

Pp poke page: I found this fun idea on Activity Mom. Instead of tracing, we are going to use a toothpick, or we have these cute Oversized Push Pins, to poke holes through the paper in the shape of the letter. Print on regular paper for easier poking, and do this one on carpet πŸ™‚ Another idea would be to hole punch along the lines of the letter as well. Both work on motor skills!

1-10 Pumpkin graphing chart, print, laminate, then have your child count the pumpkins and color in the correct amount of squares.

Pp Pumpkin Puzzle! Print, laminate, then cut in 6-9 pieces, whatever your child can handle.

Color Matching Pumpkin Puzzles, I printed, laminated, then cut each pumpkin in half in different ways.

Pumpkin Number Cards: Put these in numerical order or play the ‘missing card’ game. Place all the cards in numerical order, have your child close their eyes then remove a card and see if they can tell you the missing number!

Large Lacing Pumpkin: Laminate and punch holes around outside edge.

Capital and lowercase P matching: Laminate and cut out!

Pp lacing cards: I laminated mine and punched holes, use shoestrings or yarn to lace.

1-10 Counting Pumpkins: Put different numbers in the number box then place that many pumpkins in the pumpkin patch!

Large, Medium, Small Pumpkin Sorting! Laminate pieces then have fun sorting by size!

Dot-A-Dot Letter P Page. We love our Dot-A-Dot markers, so I’ve been looking for more ways to use them! If your child can do it on their own, I’d just give them a blank piece of paper and have them dot the letters!

Pumpkin coloring page: We color this, paint it, or use markers. I found some that fit my 3 year old well, they’re called Pip-Squeaks Washable Markers. They’re shorter and easier for her to use. These pictured are chubby markers, they also make a skinny version. I got mine at Wal-mart.

Letter Collage Worksheets: The download includes letters A-Z as well as a collage idea sheet. We use the collage items as objects to decorate our letters for an alphabet book. We also color, paint, and stamp them. Since we use both upper and lowercase, I have provided both for you! Click here to download the Letter Collages:

Letter P magnet page: I use this with a cookie sheet and these pom-pom magnets I made from pom-poms and self-sticky magnets from the craft isle in Wal-mart. I also use these magnets from Amazon: Power Magnets, 0.75 inch Diameter, Assorted Colors

$1 pumpkin crafts from JoAnn’s!

Letter P Sign Language: I purchased these cards at a local teacher supply store, but here are some American Sign Language Cards from Amazon that look better to me!


Pumpkin Letter Match: This is a fun letter matching activity, that practices both upper and lowercase letters recognition! If you’re looking for more challenge, use the uppercase card with the lowercase letter disks or visa versa! (The download includes upper and lowercase letter disks and activity cards) Click here to see the process of making the letters.

Letter P Cutting Practice:


Counting: Mini Clothes Pin and Pumpkin Number Matching! Goal is to put the correct amount of clothespins on the pumpkin based on the number on it. I bought pumpkin pieces from my teaching store and then just wrote numbers on with a sharpie. (I went from 1-20, then also made a set of pumpkins with dots on them so they could match the dots to the number as a variation). Mini clothespins were found at Wal-mart in the craft section.

Family Fun Night: Take a trip to a pumpkin patch, and have pepperoni pizza for dinner!


  1. Hey there!! Thank you for all of your great ideas, I share so many with friends and refer them back to your site πŸ™‚ I see that your lil one is using a pencil gripper, I'm thinking we need these I have a Prince who needs to use his "pincher pinchers" more while writing πŸ™‚ Where did you get yours?

  2. Hi, I have 8 kids and homeshcool the 6 oldest. I purchased your letter of the week, and the Kindergarten one and the states and countries one. I don’t have a color printer so I printed in black which is not as fun, but oh well. Anyhow, I found that printing is a big pain and I am just not organized to print, whole punch and organize a gazillion papers. Have you thought of offering to sell the whole packet already printed in color with the puzzles and numbers laminated and cut? I would pay extra if you could do that for me, I just don’t have time or a color printer and I feel I have wasted my money.

    Thank you so much and God bless you!

    Linda Rice

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