Well as you know, each month I always get so excited for Guidecraft review day! And today’s the day! That’s right, we have another fun giveaway and review from the super cool folks at Guidecraft!

This week we had so much fun reviewing the Block Mates Farm Animals! They come with several animal pieces so you can experiment and make fun animals! Each animal comes in 4 pieces: head, tail, front legs, and hind legs. This enables lots of fun mix-n-match animal creations! (Please note: the wooden blocks are sold separately)


I have to say when we first got these I thought “huh, weird little animals, I wonder if anyone will actually play with these”. Since then I’ve done nothing but pick them up after a long day of playing!


They are constantly getting out their new Block Mates Farm Animals and playing with them. I wouldn’t have thought they’d be so entertaining, but apparently they have some kid appeal that I don’t quite get. Does that make me sound old?


Mostly they keep the animals together as they should go, but every now and then I’ll find that a little ‘cross’-breeding’ has occurred! We’ll end up with a pig that has a horse tail and goat feet, very colorful I might add.IMG_0517

Guidecraft also has these cute Dinosaurs and Safari Animals in their collection as well! Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if the elephant met the T-rex? ;o)


For more info on the Block Mates click on a link below:

Wanna hear the best part? Guidecraft is of course offering a giveaway for our mom blog readers YAY!

Click on the image BELOW to enter to win your own set of Block Mates Farm Animals!


I am part of the Guidecraft Mom Bloggers who are teaming up to write reviews for Guide Craft! We’ll be doing lots of reviews and giveaways throughout the year so make sure to stay tuned in!


Disclosure: I was provided me with a free set of Block Mates to review on my blog. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


  1. Oddly enough, I don't see the "fun", but my kids like them very much. We have them safari set and I find animals all over the place. it would be fun to have the farm animals to play with too!cekerholm@yahoo.com


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