Hola and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on Panama!

As usual, we started off by stamping our passports and locating Panama on our World Map.


Here are some of the activities we did this week along with things I managed to capture on film!

  • Learned to say “Hello” in Spanish: Hola (hello) , “Thank You” : gracias
  • Locate Panama and capital Panama City on the wall map
  • Prayed for the people of Panama
  • Geography from A-Z pg 22 Gulf, Pg 25 Isthmus
  • Learned about the Panama Canal, did you know the average toll for a ship to pass through the Panama Canal is $56,000!
  • Made a Panama mini-lapbook component
  • Made tropical fruit snacks: Mango, papaya, coconut, bananas
  • Completed mapping and flag worksheets
  • Learned about and classified 6 animals of Panama
  • Animals from Panama mini-book
  • Did a pottery painting activity
  • Were supposed to make empanadas, but didn’t quite get to it ;o)
  • Stamped our passports and moved on to Venezuela!

Here’s my whiteboard for the week. We did the song from Brazil again as it was kind of hard to learn, and we didn’t have one specific for Panama.


We worked on our flag and mapping worksheets:IMG_1152

Did our Panama Animals lapbook component:


Added our favorite animals to the Expedition Earth Animal Wall!


Did a mini-book on panama for our world lapbook that we’re working on. Each country has a small mini-book. I have great plans to put them all in one big World Lapbook at the end of the year…we shall see, we shall see…


Click here to learn more about the Expedition Earth Geography curriculum!

If you’re using Expedition Earth, click below to link up! I’d love to see what you all are doing!


  1. Oh I have just enjoyed following expedition earth so much this year. Your unit is so fabulous! I can't wait to do it with my kiddos! Totally random here..but Tiny Tot is too cute in that bottom picture..she likes to be one of the group doesn't she? Have a blessed day!

    1. I thought that Panama was technically part of North America. It lies in Central America and I thought it technically belonged to NA? Can you help me with this so I do not teach it incorrectly :p Thank you!

      1. Hi Amy, Panama is actually part of Central America, it does not belong to N. America. Since we didn’t cover Central America, I put it in with South America. But you can tell your children it is part of Central America which includes Belize, Guatemala, San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

  2. Love your blog and your organization! You seem to always be on top of things! (Wish I could get my act together…) Saw your pictures… was wondering where you got those bins with the handles, they look great… in a metal shelf with looks like 8 drawers, mostly white, some were colored.

    1. I grew up in Panama from 1981-1999 & that is true, they do use the US dollar & US change but they call it a Balboa & have their own coins but they are the same as quarters, dimes, nickels, & pennies just with different pictures. They are interchangeable (but not in the USA even though they are of equal value).

  3. Erica, would a notebook make more sense than a lapbook for all your mini-books? You could even bind it when you are done. I wonder if they would last longer that way. (Lapbooking makes me a little crazy, LOL.)

  4. the flag is upside down!!! on the passport the blue star is supposed to do on top left and the square on the bottom left… love the idea of teaching kids bout countries but is also importatn to teach them the correct info! =)

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