Welcome to What’s In The Box Wednesday! Today I’m sharing my First Grade workboxes with you.

1. Math U See: Alpha. You can also go to the Math U See E-sources, they have a ton of online activities, worksheet generator, loan calculator, investment calculator, and online math drills.


2. All About Spelling: I can’t say enough about this, my kids are doing really well with it. While I think some of the words are a little too easy, the phonics rules they’re learning are priceless! This makes for spelling of more difficult words much easier.


3. Abeka Phonics practice: I’m really just adding this in because we’re still using the Abeka worksheets and I want to make sure that we don’t miss something for those. Next year I won’t do this.


4. Handwriting: This is Abeka, but we’ve since switched to A Reason For Handwriting. My son likes it better and so do I.


5. Word Scrambles: These are to be used with magnetic letter tiles from Lakeshore Learning.


6. Abeka Language:


6. Abeka Letters and Sounds (Phonics):


7. Abeka Reading


That’s it for today! We also have our Nest Family Bible DVD’s but I don’t keep them in the boxes. I’ll share more fun boxes next time!

P.S. Sorry, I don’t have a link up right now, there’s something weird going on with it.


  1. Hello,In photo number 5 you show Word Jumbles. I followed the link and downloaded yours, thank you so much. I was wondering if you would share the name of the manufacturer of the ones in that workbox? I have been trying to search for them, but I am not having any luck. My son would LOVE these and the three cards that you made are great, but he would do them in one sitting!Any help with that would be appreciated.Thank you for all that you do!KimonesockitriATmsnDOTcom

  2. Hello, My name is Jozana and I'm a former Kindergarten teacher— now staying at home with my 2 kids and starting to homeschool. My son is finishing up Kindergarten this year and will be starting First grade in the fall. We used Abeka for Language Arts and Math, and I was planning cont. with them for First grade. However, I really like the All About Spelling program. I was wandering how the two fit together? Do you use the Abeka spelling at all?Even though I taught for 7 years I still feel like a fish out of water sometimes with this homeschooling thing. I love your site!!! I get so many ideas from you.

    Jozana Carter
  3. I love All About Spelling, but the tiles drive me nuts sometimes. I wish the magnet covered the entire back because ours tend to fall off the board if bumped. I only use the tiles once a week and we write on the board or a magnadoodle the rest of the time because the tiles can be slow to use and put back. As far as method goes it's the best spelling program that I've ever seen.


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