“Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made.”– Romans 1:20


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My thoughts for this week:

I had to laugh when Sally started this week’s reading off by talking about picking up “untold numbers of socks from various places”. I could’ve wrote that myself. Socks. Everywhere. All the time. Even after I pick up the whole house, I’ll find another one. Lurking.

I’m relieved to know that everyone has days filled with routine chores, constant interruption, responsibilities, and frustrations. No wonder it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all these daily tasks that we forget to take time to marvel at the evidence of God all around us.

For example, if He had not blessed me with 4 children, I wouldn’t have 800 socks laying all over my house. I would be able to scrapbook to my hearts content, but wouldn’t have anything to scrapbook about! And I really need those little guys around to give me an excuse to make chocolate chip cookies because the horror of me eating an entire batch all by myself is too much to bear ;o)

“He is [a] God who goes to great lengths to reveal Himself to us, to remind us that He is present in all the minutes of our lives.” ~ Sally Clarkson

I think I’m too busy complaining, that I forget to open my eyes and see all the tiny blessings that surround me. Each time I step on another Lego, I’ve vowed to let it remind me how thankful I am for our only son. And how thankful I am that God spared his little life just 2 years ago.

All the toys, all the laundry, all the spilt milk serve as daily reminders of just how blessed I truly am. And what a blessing it is to pass this vision on to our children. To show them God’s presence in every little and big thing in our lives.

Jesus spent time turning his disciples focus onto God’s presence in the world around them. “He gave them the gift of inspiration”. (Sally Clarkson) Wouldn’t it be a wonderful legacy to pass on to our kids as well!

“When we take the opportunity to expose our children to the glory of God displayed in a rainbow…we are helping them understand that there is a Being much bigger than themselves who created the universe and holds it together with His power.

Even as they learn to treasure God’s presence in what is seen – the lilies and the sunsets and the embrace of those they love – they also learn to live by the conviction of things that are unseen (Hebrews 11:1)” ~ Sally Clarkson

Dear Jesus,

I praise You, Father, for all the magnificence that surrounds me daily. For all the blessings you’ve bestowed upon my undeserving life. Help me to find at least one time per day where I can see your presence in my life and give me moments where I can show that to my children as well. I pray that despite my short comings, they would learn to see Your glory in everything.

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  • S.O.A.P Downloads for Week 6
  • S.O.A.P Week 6
  • Book Discussion for Week 6

If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your copy of The Ministry of Motherhood! It’s definitely a book worth reading!


  1. I know what you mean about being too busy complaining to be thankful for the little things. We are SO abundantly blessed by not only our day-to-day things, but by the abundance of little things that we so often overlook…dew on the flowers, spiders to eat the dumb flies, and so much other of His wonderful creations!

  2. Thank you, Erica, for beautifully re-expressing what our Proverbs 31 study did today! Here’s to dirty socks, “What’s for lunch?” being asked for the millionth time, and laundry piles the size of the Appalachian Mountains! Thank you God, for my three little blessings…

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