I finally did it! I migrated off of Blogger and onto WordPress! I fell all grown up or something. Like I just did an overhaul on my closet for spring. Cleaned house. You get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, Blogger served me well for over 2 years, but it was really time to bite the bullet and grow up! The process was not as difficult as I thought it would be, but really most of the thanks goes to my Super-Star Husband (seriously, this guy ROCKS!) And now I’m finally the owner of my own stuff! Whoohoo!


So right off the bat you’ll notice that I have a super easy to use “search” box right at the top right of my blog. You can put anything you like in here and hopefully, if all went well, it’ll find it for you! How nice right? Just trying to make it easier for you all to find things that tend to get lost in “blog abyss”.

I also installed a nifty new slideshow for my most recent and featured posts! You should be able to click on the [read more…] link to read the entire story. (It’s working in I.E. but not Firefox right now, we’re working on it, but you can also scroll down just  a tad and see all my posts as well.)

Next, and I think most important, is the super-sweet “Subscribe Via Email” form. You can just enter your email address here then click “subscribe”. (You’ll get another screen to confirm this choice) then, voila! You’ll get all my posts in your in-box so you won’t miss anything! Good, no? (Okay…I know…that was there before, just wanted to point it out.)

And finally, I worked hard (seriously, this took the longest I think!) to keep my lovely horizontal navigation bar for you! (And me, I know it’s sad, but I actually use that to find things on my own blog.)  It’s my only complaint with WordPress thus far. They have a snazzy little interface that allows you to drag and drop things around to make a navigation bar…cool if you don’t know HTML…bad if you already spent HOURS creating one in HTML. The problem is mine was H. U. G. E. I say again, HUGE! So I would have seriously preferred that I could copy and paste my existing HTML into their file, but ya…it’s one of the “features” of WordPress, so apparently it doesn’t have that option.  Anyhoo, thanks to my lovely daughter who made lunch for the family today so I could work, you all now have a fairly substantial navigation bar to get you around my blog! You can click on any of the items, or hover over them to get a secondary drop down bar with tons of more topics, posts, and information!

So how did I do all this? Well, I already mentioned my Rock-Star Husband, without whom I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would have been able to do this without! He was seriously the backbone to this whole operation! He was dedicated to “making it work” and I was dedicated to “making it pretty”. What can I say, I’m a girl, I like fluff.

But technically speaking, we went with the Genesis Framework, and downloaded a Child Theme which I then modified to look all nice and pink like what you’re seeing. It really wasn’t that hard to do {ahem, thanks to the Rock-Star Stud living in my house}, and if you’ve changed up your blogger you can probably handle it too.  So minus a few minor glitches and some tweaking I’ll be doing over the course of the next few days, I think it all went fairly smooth.

Frankly, I was scared to death to move, but it was long past due! I have to say I’m really liking most of what I can do over here. I don’t like that there’s no HTML for me to mess with…I like tinkering around…but that’s okay. I can mess with my CSS file I suppose.

I also had some hand-holding by a super nice lady named Sharon from Good, True, and Beautiful blog. She was super awesome and answered all my newbie migration questions. Sharon also offers her services as a WordPress designer and will do the migration for you as well! If you stop by let her know Erica @ Confessions sent you!

Here is a list of some of my favorite WordPress resources, and as usual there are tons of sites to help you if you just Google.

So that’s it! If you’re reading this in your RSS feed, then I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief because that mean’s all went well. If you didn’t get your feed and are coming here to see what the heck is happening, please email me at erica {at} confessionsofahomeschooler {dot} com and let me know! P.S. We’re still working on the Google Friends Feed, so bear with us ;o) My husband’s a Rock Star. He can figure out anything. Right babe? Babe?


    1. Ya, it was a little scary, and I’m still waiting to see what happens with my feed tonight, but mostly it went well! ;o) If you’re thinking about it though, I’d do it sooner rather than later, I had a couple people tell me they weren’t comfortable moving my blog due to the size! Made me wish I moved a long time ago!

  1. The new site looks great!! I also moved from Blogger to WordPress about a year ago, and I love it! I have never looked back!
    I will be happier when I can actually afford StudoPress and Genesis framework for it, but till then, I’m just happy to be at WP.
    Congrats on the move!

  2. Erica.. your new website rocks..! Great work. Wishing you all the best and may God bless you and your family abundantly. Your family is a great model for true christian families.
    I came looking for the 10 days of homeschooling series you wrote. I can’t find the link. Please share.
    I really liked the way you planned the days and want to follow like that. If possible, please send it to sunumariamphilip@gmail.com

  3. Hi Erica! I was just browsing for Kindergarten worksheet for my daughter and I came across your website… pretty cool site, btw! I love the pictures and the worksheets. Subscribe to this! My daughter will be so happy!


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